Instagram And Brands

Instagram And Brands

The company seems to have found the perfect equation of interface ease and slick app packaging to attract not only everyday users, but brands as well.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 3 march 2011

Instagram, the exclusive iPhone-only photo sharing app, has had incredible success pulling in users. To date, they have about 2 million users who upload approximately 290,000 photos daily. As well, they have been diligent or perhaps just lucky in their ability to cozy up to brands and create productive partnerships. The introduction of their hashtag feature this January has been acknowledged as a signal that they were ready (and willing) to begin offering their services as a generator of visual content to various brands, and yet, it’s not just about selling products.

NPR has had a very fruitful Instagram collaboration encouraging its followers to upload an original photo they believe captures #love or #hate, generating a though-provoking gallery associated with the broadcasting giant.

Companies like Kate Spade and Brisk Iced Tea have also joined the fray, uploading images denoting the specific lifestyle that coheres with their brand. Kate Spade has taken to sharing iTunes screenshots in a type of “what I’m listening to now” post, demonstrating that the brand extends beyond retail.


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