Ironic self-recursive remixes on Soundcloud highlight the tension between a remix and a rip off.

Sample culture may have escaped DJ culture and become a defining aspect of our digitally mediated lives, but sometimes it’s worth remembering where it all began. And in doing so, we can marvel at how self reflexive the practice of sampling has become within the culture best versed in it.

Nothing illustrates this better than the recent soundcloud exploits of Detroit House deity Carl Craig. It all centres around Craig’s response to the uncredited publishing of a bootleg mashup of one of his earlier tracks Climax’. Carl Craig took a web 2.0 ironic stance towards this action and remixed the unattributed bootleg release to create a  “re-appropriated re-edit of the appropriated version”. This version was uploaded to Soundcloud where it has since become the subject of many more remixes.

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