Manchester Exhibit Transforms Mundane Office Machinery [Video]

Manchester Exhibit Transforms Mundane Office Machinery [Video]
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The administrative machines of daily life provide inspiration for playful interactive exhibits.

Stephen Fortune
  • 31 march 2011

Design Collective Household have engineered some really clever riffs on quotidian office technology, taking every action we usually associate with the activity and reinventing them in an interactive context.

The artists have taken four machines that are regularly used in the modern office and for the administration of our daily lives – the printer, scanner, photocopier and photobooth – and turned them into large-scale interactive sculptures for an exhibition at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester

The interaction is achieved by outsourcing the mechanistic labour to the human participants. We’ve seen a human element returned to the automatic processes that drive office life before but this exhibition stands out because it celebrates human ability (and error) within machinic confines (check out the videos below to see what we mean)


Creative Review: “Human Error Interactive Exhibition”

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