MetaFilter’s Matt Haughey Offers Advice To Community Moderators

MetaFilter’s Matt Haughey Offers Advice To Community Moderators

A 12-year online community moderator brings his SXSW presentation on identifying and solving problems to Vimeo for all who couldn't attend the live talk.

Stephanie Pottinger
  • 16 march 2011

Co-founder and moderator of Matt Haughey has posted a video of his SXSW talk offering advice to moderators of online communities for all who were not able to make it to the live presentation. Haughey’s is a 12-year strong blog community whose traffic has doubled since 2007, but is still run by the same number of staff. The video of his talk includes a bevvy of tips on how to create tools that make moderating a community of large scale manageable, even with relatively small manpower.

Real World Moderation: Lessons from 11 Years of Community highlights a set of community moderation basics, including Haughey’s approach to security, and maximizing the work that community members can do on that front, so that moderators are not constantly consumed by it. He gives advice on optimizing spam filters, flagging and user feedback interfaces, and effective communication between moderators.


Matt Haughey

[via Kottke]

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