Microsoft’s Gesture-Based Multifunctional Stylus


A recent prototype design becomes different devices as its position in space is changed.

Stephen Fortune
  • 16 march 2011

Microsoft’s Kinect broke considerable ground in gesture-based computer interaction, and their latest prototype continues to make interesting advances in gestural interfaces. However, the prototype stylus they recently debuted has a stronger focus on touch.

The user holds the stylus in the grip most natural to the task at hand, whether that be drawing or erasing, and the device will mirror its functionality accordingly:

“It pays attention to how the device is being held and moved, and changes to one of eight different preset functionalities on the fly.”

The prototype has potential to harness our unconscious approaches to old technologies (such as the pen and compass) to make our interaction with digital technologies even more seamless. Given the increasing patenting of gestures which have accompanied more intuitive touch-based interactions this begs interesting questions about whether our second – nature interactions with tools will soon be patented off as part and parcel of the multifunction stylus of the future.

Microsoft Research: “Recognizing Pen Grips for Natural User Interaction”

[via Dvice]

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