Egypt's revolution is a pivotal moment that requires brands to reassess their messaging strategy; how are global agencies acting on this?

While most of the world knows the amount of agitation facing the Middle East's leaders, one has to wonder how marketers feel about the recent developments in the region. Most advertising agencies had only mildly acknowledged the paramount role that social media has been playing in the lives of Middle Easterners. They might have conservatively bought banner space on popular media site Maktoob or ventured to buy targeted space on MSN Messenger.

Recent developments, however, have forced them to think more deeply about social media campaigns, not simply the digital media space. No where is this more apparent than in Egypt. A recent article in Ad Age Global offers advice on messaging in Egypt's post-revolution environment, where they cite that Egypt's Facebook population has quadrupled in only two months, suggesting that similar growth is being experienced across the region. The article mentions brands making noteworthy strategic shifts in their messages:

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