The not-for-profit company offers low-cost, environmentally sound plug computers that power world-saving research in their spare time.

While Eben Moglen’s proposed Freedom Box project uses plug server cloud computing for political ends, to create an alternate internet free from governmental and corporate control, Peter and Tom Wojtowicz are developing their Mindgine plug computers to promote scientific research and a lower carbon footprint.

Not-for-profit Mindgine have turned to Kickstarter to fund its social cloud venture, offering pre-orders of its open source Mindebian OS-running Micro plug computer for donations of $61 or more. Mindgine’s Mindebian OS will be compatible with all popular platforms and mobile devices, and through cloud computing, offer unlimited storage capability. Mindgine have worked with Facebook to provide seamless integration that would allow users to share files with friends without having to leave the page. Environmentally progressive, Mindgine plug servers have a far lower carbon footprint than traditional computers, each drawing 5 watts of power a day, at the cost of only 15 cents of electricity per year.

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