Modular Architecture Concept For Earthquake Zones [Pics]

Modular Architecture Concept For Earthquake Zones [Pics]
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Futurist architect, Vincent Callebaut, creates a new concept inspired by the Haitian ecosystem.

Plus Aziz
  • 10 march 2011

Inspired by coral reef forms and the disastrous 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Vincent Callebaut created a resilient and modular architectural system consisting of 1,000 ‘passive houses’ that adapt to Haiti’s precarious geography.

Beautiful Life illustrates the lifestyle envisioned for its residents, emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainability:

Each family would have a plot of land to grow their own food. A canyon flows between two rows of housing and is filled with a tropical ecosystem for the local fauna and the flora. Aquaculture farms and grey water recycling plants filter and process the water before sending it into the sea… Power would be generated from thermal energy conversion under the pier, marine currents, vertical axis wind turbines, and solar photovoltaics.

For more images or further detail, visit the firm’s project page.

Vincent Callebaut

[via Beautiful Life]

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