NEC’s Object Recognition Technology Identifies Fruit Origins

NEC’s Object Recognition Technology Identifies Fruit Origins

A new "fruit identification system" allows consumers to know where the item comes from, without using bar-codes.

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 8 march 2011

A new “Fruit Identification System” technology created by NEC lets users identify where fruit comes from by simply snapping a picture with a mobile camera. Photos are taken by users, compared with digital images stored in an NEC database and confirmed.

Crunch Gear reports:

NEC is known for its fingerprint and face recognition technologies and now says it has combined their expertise in these areas to come up with the new system.

The photos taken by users are compared with digital photos stored in an NEC data base. The company claims that during tests with “1,800 Andes melons”, the error rate stood at just 1 in 1 million.

NEC says the tech will one day enable end consumers and distributors to check the origin date and shipment date of fruit just by taking pictures (instead of relying on bar codes and other methods).


Crunch Gear: “New Mobile Tech To Identify Origin Of Fruit”

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