Neon Fever Spreads To Silkworms

Neon Fever Spreads To Silkworms
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Changing a silkworms diet can produce radical fabrics which extend the scope of what the natural world can produce.

Stephen Fortune
  • 24 march 2011

Recent advances by Dr. Natalia Tansil at Singapore’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering put a totally new spin on the term ‘life hacking’ by making life imitate technology.

Silk worms that produce vibrantly coloured and luminescent silks have been created by scientists in Singapore. By feeding silkworms a mulberry mixture containing fluorescent dye, Natalia’s team was able to harvest brightly coloured silk that is structurally unaffected, but which also has luminescent, or glowing, properties.

[Via Make: Silkworms Fed Fluorescent Dyes Produce Brightly-Colored Silk]

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