A new "user-driven" blog attempts to restore online etiquette while commenting on the underlying biases in American pop culture and infotainment.

In an age when Internet trolls are so common that we don’t even blink at their ranting and raving, and where the /b/ inspired mantra of “the crasser the better” dominates, a new breed of blog is emerging. Partial Objects is the brain child of two frequent MetaFilter contributors who wanted to branch out from the “who can be snarkiest” online attitude and the resulting out of control comment threads and mud-slinging. Their new blog attempts to regain control of the decorum that seems to be absent from today’s online forums. They champion a return to the days of Internet commenting when blogs were a place for serious editorializing and thoughtful discussion about various issues. The website carefully describes their mandate and lays out some ground rules for users on their homepage:

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