Outer Space On Your Smartphone

Outer Space On Your Smartphone

Mashable chose the top seven short films shot on smartphones, and we weighed in on our favorites.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 29 march 2011

The video quality on the latest generation of smartphones is high enough that the films look like they were shot by the pros. This bump in the technology has sparked a wave of creativity that is impressive in its polish. No more the grainy YouTube videos of old, now even space: the final frontier, can be captured with a mobile device.

As part of the “Digital Photo and Film Series” that is supported by Adobe, the minds at Mashable found seven of what they believe to be the best short films shot on cell phones. Our personal favorite, in addition to the little stop motion flick shot on a Nokia N8 that we already knew we loved, is an iPhone launched into space attached to a balloon that shoots earth from miles up in the atmosphere.

Check out the video below. And click the link to view the rest of the top choices.


[via Mashable]

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