Rag & Bone shoe designer Tull Price rethinks retail, offering customers a more transparent manufacturing process and creative input.

Rag & Bone shoe designer Tull Price hopes to rethink the retail model and offer consumers a heightened understanding of and creative investment in their footwear with the made-to-order line, FEIT.  FEIT aims to build a tangible relationship akin to that of a personal designer and client with every customer who purchases a pair of the artisanal shoes.

The brand recently erected a gallery-like pop-up shop in New York City's Lower East Side, at which customers could select a style and leather choice for their customized shoes and were able to play an almost adoption-like role in the shoes' creation–from seeing their conception, to receiving online updates about their progress, to the eventual life-long relationship with and guarantee by the brand's founder to provide continuous quality. According to the FEIT press release:

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