Win a copy of designer Tiffany Threadgould's new book; a how-to guide for turning scrap materials in useful items.

Designer Tiffany Threadgould recently published a new book called ReMake It! which is a how-to guide for turning typically discarded materials into useful items. Drawing on her long time interest in creative recycling and her years serving as Design Director at TerraCycle, the book shows how to reuse materials like shopping bags to paint can lids.

What inspired you to write a book about creating new uses for recycled materials?

My career is all about taking garbage and transforming it into new. I’ve created a line of recycling kits, also under the ReMake It name, with this same spirit – creating easy DIY projects and helping even the not-so-crafty people become a designer. My thesis in design school was called “Trash Nouveau” – a study in bringing garbage back to life. I then started RePlayGround which educates people on recycling and I work for TerraCycle where anyone can collect various waste streams, earn money for their favorite charity, and we turn that waste into new products.

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