Simple And Useful: Smart Cover For iPad 2

Simple And Useful: Smart Cover For iPad 2

The new accessory fits multiple functions into an uncomplicated design.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 7 march 2011

The new Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is yet another great accessory from Apple’s hyper-intelligent design posse. Segmented and completely magnetized, the Smart Cover folds back and instantly turns into a platform that allows for more wrist-friendly typing, or into an upright stand for watching videos. It’s lined with microfibre which functions as a nice buffer for the glassy screen, and maybe coolest of all, when the Smart Cover is on the iPad it goes to sleep, and when you lift it up, the iPad wakes up. Talk about intelligent design.

Watch the 30 second spot here.

Smart Cover

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