‘So So, Incredibly Beautiful’: NYC Apartment Turned Art Installation [Pics]

‘So So, Incredibly Beautiful’: NYC Apartment Turned Art Installation [Pics]
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The director of the Creatives Agency turns her home into a live-in installation.

Dylan Schenker
  • 15 march 2011

Like a beacon high above the streets of Manhattan, the apartment-turned-art show So So, Incredibly Beautiful glows through its panoramic windows from the 42nd floor. Susi Kenna, with the help of The Creatives Agency, of which she is a founding member and director, put her whole life in storage to transform where she lives into a live-in art installation for 6 months. To her knowledge, she is the first person to transform her home in this way for an extended period of time. Housing the work of two artist friends, Carlos Charlie Perez and Julio Cesar Gonzalez each room is alive with the electricity of 50+ works that range from kinetic sculptures to photographs, paintings, video and even rugs and wallpaper.

The show not only exhibits art, but turns the apartment itself into a work of art. Each room vibrates with its own personality in particular a small room containing one of the larger kinetic sculptures. A series of red, blue and green draped  LED cords spins hypnotically in place in between two windows overlooking the city, contrasting the lights of the skyline against the room’s enveloping pink glow. The multi-color tiled wall paper and the zapped rugs fill the rooms with as much movement as the kinetic and LED sculptures. The work is overwhelming yet intimate, inviting a connection with its viewers that a white cube would disavow.

The work is on display through June 10th by appointment only.

So So Incredibly Beautiful

The Creatives Agency

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