The Idea Pantry is a family of sauces that comes with cooking lessons and access to a community of DIY chefs 'baked' into the product, serving as an example of how 'social' can be integrated directly into a product from its inception.

The Idea Pantry, a collaboration between CPG brand Progresso and digital innovation shop POKE New York, is a family of sauces that come with cooking lessons right in the bag. Each sauce acts as its own cooking course through a unique library of associated video cooking lessons.

At, aspirational home chefs can follow the lesson plan and communicate directly with hand-selected instructors. Each instructor, a socially savvy home chef with a pre-existing community, is ready and waiting to answer any questions about how to make a creative, home-cooked meal with one of the sauces as a starting point. As The Idea Pantry grows, every new product in the line will get its own curriculum and chef instructor with it; currently, the products are being tested at select grocers in the Pittsfield, MA area.

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