Memolane is an online personal scrapbook/timeline service that lets users curate and share their digital memories.

Check-ins, blog posts, tweets and likes — as the amount of social data exponentially multiplies, the emerging question is just how these ever-growing databases of personal experiences will be collectively organized (and shared). Memolane is a web-based ‘memory-management’ service – essentially a centralized digital scrapbook for all aspects of a user’s online identity. Linking with a host of expected services like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Foursquare (among others), the site also boasts the capability to backdate and upload (analog!) memories. Recognizing the importance of privacy in the memory-sharing equation, Memolane affords users the crucial freedom to tightly edit and dictate just who can glimpse what. Its streamlined and time-based visual layout adds a unique fluidity to the experience as well.

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