Tablets Unlock The True Interactivity Of Mobile Tagging

Tablets Unlock The True Interactivity Of Mobile Tagging

Can the larger screened tablets further encourage the engagement that is a fundamental part of QR codes and mobile tagging?

Stephen Fortune
  • 25 march 2011

The next generation of tablet hardware will be equipped with front facing camera’s and some are predicting big things for mobile tagging as a result of this additional technical feature. It offers scope to enrich and augment the content and experience of print media (a trend also being explored in the next generation of e-books) with multimedia side bars, comment streams and relevant marketing content. QR Arts, an integrated media consulting agency based in D.C. comments:

One could argue that rather than antiquate printed media, tablets now enhance the value of printed communication by interacting with it rather than making it obsolete.

The larger screen size of tablets is seen as a crucial gateway point for users who have thus far been reticent to engage with mobile tagging.

The larger screen size makes things easier to see, but also makes people feel comfortable with consuming and interacting with information because the size of the tablet is similar to other objects they would hold and use.

This extra screen real estate affords greater potential for deeper experiences and interactions with a brand. It also presents opportunities for more dynamic utilization of the spaces between print and the tablet screen.

QR Arts: Will Tablets Fuel QR Code Adoption?

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