Tag & Treat Spreads UNICEF Trick Or Treat Campaign Online

Tag & Treat Spreads UNICEF Trick Or Treat Campaign Online

App enhances UNICEF's successful Trick or Treat campaign. It streamlines the process of collecting money, but also gathers much more data which allows for the operation to spread online.

Stephanie Pottinger
  • 9 march 2011

future of mobile tagging


The UNICEF Trick or Treat campaign has a rich history of success – updating this campaign with the use of mobile tagging would push the event forward and continue this success.

This proposal not only streamlines the process of collecting money but also gathers much more data which allows for the campaign to spread online – we’ve renamed the campaign TAG & TREAT.

Microsoft and PayPal work together to generate a UNICEF TAG & TREAT app which can scan a Microsoft Tag and send the user directly to a custom, secure PayPal system. This resolves the logistical issue of collecting physical money and allows for instant data generation.

Fundraisers involved in the TAG & TREAT campaign are provided with a T-shirt with a unique Microsoft Tag printed onto it as part of their pack which is then worn by a parent, transforming the group into a mobile donation access point.

PayPal is rapidly becoming a universal way to pay and as of December 2008, PayPal had more than 153 million accounts worldwide. UNICEF currently has a tax-deductible PayPal donation system on their website – we propose this is adjusted this to work with the TAG & TREAT Campaign

  1. Official UNICEF fundraisers accompany small groups of parents and their children on their Halloween outing.
  2. The fundraiser has the TAG & TREAT app pre-loaded onto their smartphone – this cuts out the need for the end user to already have the app downloaded onto their smartphone.
  3. T-shirts are printed with Microsoft Tags which are distributed to the fundraisers involved in the TAG & TREAT campaign, which they wear with their costumes on the night.
  4. End users are asked by the fundraiser if they would also like to donate to UNICEF’s TAG & TREAT campaign – if the end user agrees, they are handed the fundraisers smartphone to begin the quick scanning process.
  5. The end user is taken to a simple, bespoke 3 step donation app:
    Screen 1 – Scan code
    Screen 2 – Sign in
    Screen 3 – Donate & Log out


The Application can scan a Microsoft Tag, interface with PayPal and display the live total of the funds raised – whilst generating and sending data to be displayed on the TAG & TREAT website which in turn builds a very visible campaign.

The interface with PayPal would be extremely limited – meaning the donor is confident that nothing will interfere with their donation to the UNICEF campaign. This drastically speeds up the fundraising. Finally the application logs out of the donors PayPal account and displays a live figure to show the progress of the campaign, instantly giving this grassroots movement an international purpose.


Each Microsoft tag can be unique allowing for an extra level of information to be collected about the individual fundraiser and their progress. Scanning your own tag allows the fundraiser to see information about where they have visited, how much they have raised for UNICEF and see the overall  campaign status. The ability to view individual progress in comparison with the rest of the country or even the world gives a sense of community across the campaign.


In the background the system automatically GeoTags the location of the donation which is added to the campaign map. The donation itself is added to the overall total raised – which is now a live figure. This information is displayed on the TAG & TREAT website which allows the campaign to spread internationally by showing the different amount of funds raised in each area involved in the campaign.

After the event the email address linked to the donors PayPal account is sent an automated “Thank You” email – with further information of UNICEF’s involvement around the globe and the status of the campaign. This builds a network of people who all now have more information about both UNICEF and their work whilst allowing them to see the impact of their donation.

PSFK’s Future of Mobile Tagging report presents key trends in the mobile tagging space, so as to inspire creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in branding and communication campaigns. This document brings together both literal and lateral inspiration to provide a framework within which organizations can begin to contemplate the issues facing the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and their fundraising efforts.

To start this exciting conversation, PSFK challenged advertising and design agencies from around the world to react to the Future of Mobile Tagging report. They were tasked with developing concepts making use of Microsoft Tag to address one or more or the needs set forth by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in a creative brief. The end result of this initial phase of ideation is a set of 10 standout concept programs, including the one described above.

Created by: The Lost in the Forest Institute, Manchester, England
Team: Designer Chris Shearston, Designer John Newton, Designer Vicky Carr
Contact: Chris Shearston –
More information:

PSFK Presents: The Future of Mobile Tagging

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