PSFK spoke with the Top Gear US co-host recently at the Focus Global Test Drive in Madrid, Spain.

We imagine driving fast cars around race tracks for a living could be a pretty fun job. PSFK had an opportunity to speak with three-time X Games gold medalist and two-time Formula Drift champion Tanner Foust to find out first hand.

You’ve taken a rather unconventional path to becoming a professional driver. Where did you start and how did your career take shape?

I think if you talk to any race car driver, if you look at the pathway that they took to get where they are, you’ll find there are some more proven techniques for getting into the racing world. Probably the main one is through having a racing family. Everyone has a fairly unique story, of course, I think. I started at a little bit of an older age. I was out of college. I’d been into cars my whole life. When I was six, I could name any car by its headlights. I was just always a big freak for cars. My dad had a [Porsche] 912 in the garage that I though was the fastest, most amazing super car in the world growing up and, of course, now I realize it’s probably the slowest Porsche ever built.

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