Tembo Trunks are power-free, virtually indestructible silicone speakers that help to create 'sustainable sound.'

Tembo Trunks is a Kickstarter-funded project that amplifies the sound from iPod headphones through two silicon speakers. The “fold and stack,” waterproof and virtually indestructible silicone speakers require no power and can amplify sound to 80 dB, or 3x the original sound.

These are not regular speakers. The Australian creators had the inspiration to create ‘sustainable sound’, while traveling to through Africa. According to the creators:

Regular speakers, like most other electronic products, are comprised of numerous parts. Often this includes damaging metals, toxins, glues, and batteries. Tembo Trunks are made from one material (100% non oil-based, high-grade silicone rubber), require no assembly and are designed to last. We don’t claim to have designed the greenest product ever, but as far as sustainability goes we believe Tembo Trunks are a better alternative to regular speakers.

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