The Bro Food Movement

The Bro Food Movement

YouTube is becoming home to some of the more excessive food shows, but they're getting a lot of views.

Scott Mioduszewski
  • 3 march 2011

Foodies have been getting a lot of backlash lately. But there’s a new breed of food lovers taking their recipes to YouTube in order to share their passion. However, this mostly young, mostly male cast is celebrating an ingredient that makes “Kulinary Gangsta” Guy Fieri look rather tame–Excess.

Calories, alcohol, cursing, mishandling of food, everything they’re doing goes against the grain of what traditional cooking shows have offered. And whether you’re entertained or offended, the fact that many of these episodes have millions of views shows that people are tuning in. Videos NSFW due to language.

Epic Meal Time These guys are the most viewed of the bunch. Their videos have millions of views each, and their specialty is loading up on calories, usually with pork products.

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time This group from overseas turn cooking into an almost violent activity, but introduces us to some foods of Swedish culture at the same time.

Food With Attitude! Although only one guy with an occasional cameraperson, this is one of the most prolific of the shows with well over 100 episodes.

And it’s not just food, bartenders are taking the cue as well with cocktail recipes that go beyond what most would consider safe.

Drinking For Keeps What starts out as a drink many people have had while in college, it soon turns into an Inception-esque concoction with layers and levels of vodka and Redbull.

Epic Meal Time

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

Food With Attitude

Drinking For Keeps


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