iPhone App Sound Journeys [Video]

iPhone App Sound Journeys [Video]

'The Lake' provides enveloping auditory adventures through a simple, ritual-like interface.

Claudia Cukrov
  • 31 march 2011

A new iPhone application takes users on a unique sound journey. Developed by Maybe It’s The Lighting, iPhone / iPod Touch users need only plug in a set of headphones and the application will take them on a series of recorded audio ‘steps’ towards a lake, ending up on a kite in the sky – and everything in-between. Viewing the front and then back of a single playing card the user can navigate through the rich audio files, the developers stating;

The card will never change and there is no puzzle to solve. Everything repeats itself like a ritual and yet each time it feels different. You remember things and see them in a different light. The Lake is a mirror to your own imagination. The mirror never changes, but you will.

The Lake from Maybe It's The Lighting on Vimeo.

The Lake

Available on iTunes here.

[via Creative Applications]

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