CP+B's Mathew Ray talks with PSFK in anticipation for his upcoming presentation at our Future of Mobile Marketing Salon in Austin.

For our upcoming PSFK SALON at SXSW this year, we’ve invited Mathew Ray to discuss the future of mobile tagging. Mathew is the Creative Technology Director at CP+B. Here are a few questions we asked him in preparation for the event:

What is the most exciting challenge at CP+B that you are addressing these days?

The core challenge is always the same – how do we take our clients and make them famous, make them a part of culture, help them invent aspects of culture and become relevant, intriguing, different among their competitors. The question we always lead with is ‘What is going to make this client part of a cultural conversation.’ The challenge is different for every client and there is no magic bullet or formula for success, which makes it always rewarding and never dull.

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