Thumbs Up Or Plus One? Google’s Attempt At The Facebook “Like”

Thumbs Up Or Plus One? Google’s Attempt At The Facebook “Like”

Google's new "+1" button will allow you to "like" links directly in your search.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 31 march 2011

The now ubiquitous Facebook thumbs up symbol that has taken over the web as the way to demonstrate approval, is going to get some serious competition from the anti-Zuckerberg corporation, Google.

Yesterday, Google launched their new “+1” button that will first be available through Google labs, and then as the default for all users when a little +1 icon appears next to each link in your Google search results. By clicking on this icon you are participating in what Google is calling a “public stamp of approval” that will let your friends know what you’re searching for, or interested in, by putting all your “plus one” links in a special feed on your Google profile — which is mandatory for participation in this service. Also, when you “plus one” something, your name will be associated with it in your search and in ads.

Will Google be able to top the positivity associated with that tiny thumb? The company says that plus-one data will greatly influence search rankings which is certain to influence sites to add and promote the button, since many businesses’ livelihood is based on their Google ranking.

As well, you can “plus one” and ad, which will engage a recommendation component on AdSense and AdWords. With plus one, you can add your stamp of approval to just about anything.

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