Touch Tunes and frog design collaborated to re-imagine the juke box with the Virtuo - demonstrating that even very digitized music still merits tactile interaction.

frog design turned our eyes to the TouchTunes Virtuo – a jukebox redesigned to refresh its image and status as a cultural icon. frog collaborated with TouchTunes to address the evolved behavior and expectations of users now accustomed to digital music players, digital music libraries and the ubiquity of playlists dependent on singles (not just albums). The result is a product that features:

A game-like interface that offers increased options for browsing and searching music catalogues (vs. the lengthy lists and alphanumeric scrolling of yore) An interface customizable to venue allows staff to input a selection of their preferred songs; painfully hip bars can rule out top 40, if so desired (or keep it, in the name of irony) Camera integration means the juke can double as a photo booth A smart, contextual interface inspires users unsure of what to play by connecting them to related musical selections; contextual data for all songs allows users to search by lyrics, and explore songs in a 3D contextual web that links genre, chronology, influences, and geography A place for the personalized playlist: the Virtuo lets users build and edit their own customized playlists onboard or from their MyTouchTunes account

We love the notion of a reinvented jukebox for taking the advantages of digital music – and the behavior users have subsequently grown accustomed to – while still allowing music lovers to connect to and interact with music in a physical, touchable format. On that note, Fast Company noted an emerging theme at the TED Conference: the value of the tactile & embodied. We'll be keeping our eye on this and many other potential applications.

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