Transforming The Transport Topography Of London

Transforming The Transport Topography Of London

A new website morphs the iconic London Underground map based on the time it takes to travel through the subway.

Stephen Fortune
  • 16 march 2011

Harry Beck’s iconic London Underground maps are rightly considered a triumph of user design. His electrical circuit-inspired mapping abstracted time and distance out of the underground, in order to make the map most legible for its users.

Tom Carden’s mapping allows users to return one of those elements back into the map by transforming it’s temporal topography. Co.Design reports:

His website lets you select a station of your choosing as the starting point and then it rearranges all the other nodes on London’s underground transport network relative to the travel time taken to get from your starting point to them.

This reinjection of time into the underground allows for a completely different consideration of the subterranean transport space. It arguably provides a map more commensurate with the experience of navigating the vast distances covered by London’s subway system. Tom’s website currently works with static data so there is exciting potential were it to merge with real-time TFL (Transport for London) data.

Tom Carden: Tube Map Travel Times

[Via Fast Co-Design: Subway Map Morphs Based On Travel Times]

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