Nik Badminton On Digital Engagement And Mobile Tagging

Nik Badminton On Digital Engagement And Mobile Tagging

PSFK talks with the Director of Digital Strategy at Tribal DDB Vancouver in anticipation of his presentation at the upcoming PSFK Future Of Mobile Marketing Salon in Austin.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 1 march 2011

For our upcoming PSFK SALON at SXSW this year, we’ve invited Nik Badminton to talk about the future of mobile tagging. Nik is currently the Director of Digital Strategy at Tribal DDB Vancouver.

We’re excited that Nik will joining us at this year’s salon in Austin. Here are a few questions we asked him in preparation for the event.

Are there any projects you’ve encountered at Tribal that have uncovered particularly interesting challenges?

Education about what mobile tags are and how to use them is a big challenge. We are integrating mobile tagging to link the majority of our digital and print tactics now, and the awareness is working in gaining uptake. Right now it is not enough to just provide the tag and it needs to be accompanied by and easy-to-understand url as well. We envisage this changing over time.

What other projects are currently inspiring your work?

The Canadian Tourism Commission’s approach to traditional print and digital engagement is ground-breaking. Integrating user content alongside brand assets coupled with events enabled by mobile tagging integrated into creative has really started to pay dividends. There are some amazing projects out there that are inspiring our thinking:

What emerging trend, idea, or technology are your excited to see develop in the future?

The idea of bar codes, mobile tags and visualisation (such as augmented reality) integrating is very compelling. As we browse product in stores and online we will be able to use mobile devices to see more about the product (demos, fact sheets, comparisons) and view any campaign activity/coupons that relate to them. The integration of this behaviour with loyalty solutions and location-based services will allow consumers to gain more value and strengthen the relationship with the brands they consume.

Also, QR codes (and similar) could be replaced by using whole display creative scanning to direct traffic to experiences online. Check out the use of Google Goggles and the campaign for Tron –

Where will mobile tagging be in five years?

Everywhere. We envision that physical locations including businesses, retail outlets and and even personal information and locations will integrate tagging on one sort or another. A key catalyst to this will be the integration of readers (and image/face recognition technologies), as standard, into mobile devices (tablets + cell phones). We will see mobile tagging-enabled campaigns being used as core parts of creative and also integrated with location-based services.

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