Tweeting The Revolution

Tweeting The Revolution

A new book uses the tweets of various participants to paint a picture of the recent revolution in Egypt.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 8 march 2011

The effect of Twitter on the revolution in Egypt earlier this year is undeniable. The constant real-time updates on the progress of the uprising served to augment the final outcome, in part because of the tweets’ power to continually inform everyone en masse as to the growing and changing sentiments of those involved. This aided in unifying the larger group ideologically, as well as their actions.

It is not surprising then, that OR Books has compiled a selection of key tweets from the Twitter accounts of the activists whose participation was central to the events, to create a striking and engaging narrative. Tweets From Tahrir is comprised of a stream of 140 character reactions to the goings-on, advice for next steps, and amateur news updates that come together to create a cohesive yet complex image of a country in political turmoil, as well as documenting the inspiring story of how the Egyptian people unified to affect significant political change.

The text also includes accompanying photographs that were uploaded alongside various tweets with the goal of giving the reader a true on-the-ground perspective. Yet, this new medium brings up an interesting question of copyright, because although these tweets have been published online, it is not clear who claims ownership of them. The publishers are in the process of getting in contact with the specific authors of each tweet for their permission to print, but did not contact Twitter directly. However, the social media giant commented that if each quoted person had already given the OK to print their comments, the book would not be in violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

Tweets From Tahrir will retail for $12 in stores and $10, and is set to be release on April 21st.

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