Unconventional Optical Shop Keeps An Eye On Customers

Unconventional Optical Shop Keeps An Eye On Customers
Design & Architecture

Clever merchandising not only creates a strong visual image but also aids customers in making choices.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 10 march 2011

Kirk Originals recently opened a new flagship store in London which merchandises eyewear in a really unique way. London-based design studio Campaign created in the interior design which includes 187 white sculptural heads called ‘winkies’. Each of these is displays a single frame from the collection through which a set of printed eyes look. Anyone who has shopped for glasses knows it is nearly impossible to tell what a frame might look like on your face without trying it on. The ‘winkies’ are a clever way of getting a preview of how glasses frame the eyes without trying every pair on.

Campaign included a number of other optical tricks in the store design. The entry widow contains a series of larger than life lenticular printed eyes that wink and move as shoppers pass by. On the back wall of the store is a black and white projection of the Kirk Originals logo shot through a kaleidoscope. The projection creates a constantly changing optical pattern.

Kirk Originals


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