A simple experiment in computer - environment interaction explores how easy it is to toy with our emotions via technology.

An interesting trend in human computer interaction is one which focuses on exploiting our affective reactions to objects by having the object in question respond back to us in an emotionally evocative manner. Katrina Baumgarten’s Goosebump Objects are one example of this and the Troblion is another.

The Troblion follows in a distinguished line of software and hardware which follow very simple programmed rules but which appear to us to act with some level of vitality. Like a software Sisyphus the Troblion rolls around in a sand pit of mildly damp sand until it is so coated in it’s favorite material that it cannot move any further. It eventually shudders free of it’s silica encasing in a manner which cannot help but evoke imagery of birth, leaving behind a husk of it’s previous activity before starting it’s activities anew.

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