A couple of announcements and launches last week demonstrate the continued growth and evolution of mobile photo-sharing.

The growth of applications like Instagram and Path support at least a couple of rather obvious observations: as people (and particularly as people carrying mobile devices), we’re interested in sharing our experiences with others. We photograph them, Tweet about them and check into them. Secondly, the increasingly robust cameras (and video capture) built into our mobile phones are – on a more daily, mundane basis – replacing our point-and-shoot cameras. After all, why wait to download a photo from your camera when you can instantly upload it and broadcast your witty observations on the matter? In order to fuel, support and enhance our mobile photo sharing behavior, applications like Instagram continue to grow and evolve, while others are launching functionality or more targeted platforms to deliver on focused but unmet needs. Case in point? The launch of Gramfeed, utilizing Instagram’s Open API, and separately, the launch of Chute.

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