What Does The Most Typical Person On Earth Look Like?

What Does The Most Typical Person On Earth Look Like?
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National Geographic provides illuminating insights into the global populace and the nature of averages.

Stephen Fortune
  • 4 march 2011

As part of their study to comprehend the sheer scale of the seven billion people inhabiting the earth, National Geographic have categorised the most typical person occupying our planet.

The person best fitting the bill is right handed, 28 years old, of Han Chinese descent, male and possesses a cell phone but not a bank account. 190’000 Han chinese males faces were amalgamated into a composite facial image; this visage was then composed in Suerat style with 7000 human figures, one figure for every million people on the face of the earth.

Watch the video below for more interesting information about averages:

National Geographic: “The Face Of Seven Billion”

[via Neatorama]

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