Whole Foods Market Announces Roving Film Festival

Whole Foods Market Announces Roving Film Festival

The retailer seeks to spread "green" message through the 'Do Something Reel Film Festival.'

Dylan Schenker
  • 15 march 2011

Leading retailer of natural and organic foods, Whole Foods Market, has announced their plans to get into the film festival business with a focus on ‘green films.’ The roving Do Something Reel Film Festival, which will span a month, will take place in 70 locations in the U.S. beginning April 1st. As opposed to most major film festivals which are sequestered and expensive, to make the films accessible to larger audiences it will travel to local theater chain within proximity to Whole Foods Markets locations.

The films will be narrative features that focus on environmental and food issues in honor of both the retailer’s mission and Earth Month. The festivals will also include discussions with the filmmakers as to cultivate a dialogue about the importance of environmental issues and thus to further inform attendees.

Whole Foods Market not only seeks to exhibit these types of works but to also provide incentives for creators to make more films about these issues. Portions of ticket sales will go to grants for filmmakers who produce green films.

Whole Foods Market

IndieWire: “Whole Foods Market Launches Monthlong Film Festival”

Photo From Film Planeat

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