The failure of the film points to a host of issues including waning interest in 3D and computer animation.

Robert Zemeckis' new sci-fi family flick, which premiered this weekend, already has analysts decrying the film as potentially one of the worst flops in history. The film, about the abduction of moms by martians and the boy who decides to travel to Mars to get his mother back, cost a staggering 175 million dollars to produce and raked in a paltry 6.9 million this weekend.

Several reason why the film performed so poorly have been bandied about among studios and critics alike. In an era where 3D is seen to be a solution to increase theater attendance Mars Needs Moms could be seen as a referendum on the waning interest for the technology. As The New York Times points out, the premium costs of children's tickets could be a major reason why the film flopped.

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