12 Billion Miles Per Year: Google Navigation On The Rise

12 Billion Miles Per Year: Google Navigation On The Rise

The increasing use of Google Maps is changing how we traverse our lives

Stephen Fortune
  • 26 april 2011

Marissa Myer, vice president of Google location services, offered some interesting statistics on Google Map usage on mobile devices earlier this year at SXSW. In terms of sheer ubiquity, approximately 150 million people now use the service.

These statistics get more interesting when translated into distance covered by users:

“Mayer claimed that Google Maps guided users 12 billion miles per year and that its latest build of the app saves people an average of two days worth of travel time each year.”

Google has made an art (and very effective business) from efficient information access so is it only natural to see that same efficiency spill over into our commuting time?

Google Maps

Engadget: “Google VP lays down mobile stats, boasts 150 million Maps users”


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