GM created two displays for the Chevy Volt which feature the car in environments which mimic real life.

Last year you may remember we reviewed the 2010 Detroit Auto Show and highlighted five ideas we thought were missed opportunities for automakers to deliver a more compelling story. Our last observation was that new vehicles weren’t presented in a real life context consumers could identify with, especially those destined for mass market sales. While walking through the brand new, and we must say very nice, north hall at the Javits Center which GM took over entirely for their display, the Chevy Volt stand caught our eye. Particularly two stands towards the back which aimed to show two real life scenarios in which the Volt would be parked for charging. One was a home garage, lined with unpainted drywall and complete with garden tools. The other was a section of a concrete parking garage. Both showed how charging stations were integrated into these environments. In between them was a digital display showcasing the Volt smart-phone application. While much has been written and said about the Volt being futuristic and important to the future of GM, seeing it presented in these vignettes demonstrates how it could fit into customers lives today.

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