Advanced Technology Comes To UAE’s School Buses

Advanced Technology Comes To UAE’s School Buses

Dubai's Fancy Transport introduce RFID and GPS tracking to their school buses fleet.

Plus Aziz
  • 1 april 2011

Many schools in Dubai and across the UAE provide buses to their students. Fancy Transport, the second largest operator of buses, was the first to introduce a GPS tracking system, enabling parents to monitor and pinpoint where their kids are during their commute to school.

To combat growing concerns regarding molestation, bullying, and other conditions on-board school buses, Fancy Transport is introducing a wearable RFID technology (to give parents a log of when the students are on and off the bus), scannable ID cards with embedded RFID chips (for older kids). They have also installed CCTV cameras and motion/temperature sensors to give the parent holistic data on their child’s commuting experience.

Fancy Transport

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