The 373-page filing against the US company's biggest supplier - which also competes in both phones and tablets - offers revealing sales information.

This article titled “Apple lawsuit against Samsung reveals details about product volumes” was written by Charles Arthur, for on Tuesday 19th April 2011 21.39 UTC

Apple is suing Samsung, claiming that Samsung's tablets and phones copy the “look and feel” of its iPhone and iPad.

So Samsung has threatened a lawsuit in response, though by the end of Tuesday no details were forthcoming of what it would contain.

However the row is not expected to disrupt the supply deal for components for the iPhone and iPad from… Samsung. In fact Apple probably buys more components from Samsung than Samsung's own device manufacturing groups, say analysts, which means that the two are reliant on each other: abandoning Samsung for Taiwanese suppliers wouldn't necessarily help Apple, and losing Apple as a customer would hurt Samsung, at least until it could find new buyers for the volumes it's selling.

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