Artifacts Of Contemporary Consumer Culture [Pics]

Artifacts Of Contemporary Consumer Culture [Pics]

Photographer David Welch transforms everyday items into photo commentaries on social buying habits.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 25 april 2011

Consumers around the world tend to accumulate various items that gradually form a big unsorted “pile” of randomness. Taking a cue from this peculiar yet relevant consumer dynamic, photographer David Welch mounts a series of photographs depicting “crap mounds,” where he “treats artifacts of contemporary consumer culture as readymades, stacking the stuff we compulsively accumulate into large, surrealist heaps.”

Welch explains:

My work is a response to this contemporary consumer milieu. By treating artifacts of consumer culture as readymades, I create assemblages to form pseudo monuments, or totems, that serve as precarious externalizations of culture as social biography. The totems speak of accumulation and materiality and encourage debate about consumption, media, class, gender and the ways in which we feel compelled to consume.

David Welch

[via Animal]

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