Be Obscure Clearly: A Message To Brands In The Digital Age

Be Obscure Clearly: A Message To Brands In The Digital Age

Brands might discover that their best strategy in our age of over-sharing may be to maintain an aura of mystery.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 25 april 2011

Our digital age is ripe for over-sharing. Facebook and other social networks treat information as a virtual currency, with those who are willing to reveal the most subsequently enjoying the most influence in their networks.

But not revealing information may be just as important; at least not right away. The best strategy for brands in the future may be to shroud their products in mystery, engaging customers across multiple touch points to keep them coming back for more. Our attention spans may be short, but the allure of mystery is irresistible to most: think Lost. As written by Sean Brennan, a senior strategist at Continuum:

So, what does this era of secrecy mean for business? Designing for the “secrets industry” is all about understanding one concept: When everything is known, the unknown becomes intriguing. Many businesses are thriving on being completely transparent with their customers. But for organizations willing to offer the most premium of services and striving to create deep engagement with key customers–incorporating secrecy into the luxury experience is a powerful way to strengthen relationships. That’s what secrets do.


Co.Design: “In Our Information Age, Secrecy Is Sexy. How Can Brands Create An Aura Of Mystery?”

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