Bespoken Art Turns Sounds Into Pictures

Bespoken Art Turns Sounds Into Pictures

Audio to visual conversions transform your chosen audio sample into an artwork.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 april 2011

Bespoken Art lets you display a chosen phrase or sound as a piece of art on your wall. Capturing your audio, either via uploading a sound file or recording it over the phone, they then print your sound wave onto a canvas, giving you a unique and personalized artwork. You can choose the color and size of your picture.

There are also five different canvas options available. The Classic Sound Portrait is for displaying a quote, sound or word. The Multiple Voice Sound Portrait allows you to include 2-5 voices on the same canvas. The Double Pane Sound Portrait is targeted at couples as a way of displaying wedding vows or words of love. The Desktop Sound Portrait is a smaller option, laser printed and set in an acrylic frame. The Song Sound Portrait is for capturing an image of an audio sample longer than 30 seconds. These bespoke artworks promise an individual, customizable visual display of a sound that holds meaning for you.

Bespoken Art

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