Bruce Nussbaum’s Game Of Creativity

Bruce Nussbaum’s Game Of Creativity

The Professor of innovation design gives us three reasons why we should make creativity into a game.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 april 2011

Bruce Nussbaum’s thoughts on creativity and innovation have led him to the idea of a new model for developing design thinking: a creative playground. He reports at Co.Design:

Right now, most managers in business, public, and nonprofit institutions think in terms of funnels, stages, or processes (even if most practitioners of design don’t). I’d like to replace this linear model with a more organic framework — the circle of the playground. The playground is the place where we leave behind the usual hierarchies, procedures, statuses, and behaviors to act out “as if…” games of discovery.

The making of creative ideas and designs becomes a game, which according to Nussbaum, has three benefits.

The first is Strategy: thinking about your business in terms of a game and making ‘winning’ this game your primary focus.

Next up is Social Science: focusing on the human uses for your designs and creations and framing your creativity within a social model.

Finally there is Connections: discussing innovation using a social framework and linking the area of design to education, science, sport, etc.

Read more: fastcodesign: “Nussbaum: 3 Reasons You Should Treat Creativity Like A Game”

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