Eyebeam's new challenge suggests new avenues for designing engaging visualizations.

Amid disappointing news that the data.gov portal for open data sets is to be shutdown in July, comes a welcome lighthearted respite for data miners and data journalists everywhere. Eyebeam are running a data visualization challenge due to their belief

“that open culture, creative design, and powerful data visualization have the capacity to make information transparent, inform citizens, and inspire communities.”

One of the latest entries to the competition combines US budget data into a Xbox Kinect-based game where users must physically exert themselves to sort through the reams of governmental data. Infographics are well and good, and visual appeal is one of the most immediate ways to make data understandable, but companies shouldn't forget we possess a whole spectrum of senses by which we can engage with data. Fred Truman's ‘Budget Climb' is an excellent example of data visualization that focuses on the participation and engagement rather than simply advancing one point of view as is typical of usual statistical visualization

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