‘Cinemagraphs’ Claim New Territory For The Humble GIF Format

‘Cinemagraphs’ Claim New Territory For The Humble GIF Format

The GIF that keeps on giving: a staple of Internet communication animates fashion photography.

Stephen Fortune
  • 18 april 2011

The persistence of the GIF in the broadband mediated web 2.0 landscape has not escaped commentary by Internet critics. Some have ruminated upon what the persistence of this medium of expression says about us (2010 was considered to be the ‘year of the GIF’ ).

GIFs are traditionally the mainstay of forum shorthand and signatures, though they recently enjoyed a resurgence in single serving blogs and new net art forays. Amid this renaissance comes an interesting project by New York based photographer Jamie Beck.

Admittedly Beck would not label her creations GIFs, preferring instead to title them ‘cinemagraphs’, and she has posted three of these uncanny portraits (featuring Coco Rocha) to her Tumblr (click the links below to witness them in action). The results are astounding and suggest a whole new realm of advertising possibilities

Of course the technology to create GIF’s has been around for decades but I believe its potential for both expression and impact, within the fashion world, has yet to be fully explored. Let me put it this way — film has been around for a century, does that mean that we’ve exhausted the possibilities?

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