Coke Aims To Stop Their Store Displays From Becoming Trash

Coke Aims To Stop Their Store Displays From Becoming Trash

The beverage maker has created a new program to sustainably produce and manage their branded store displays.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 12 april 2011

What to do with temporary store displays at the end of their life is still a big problem. It is difficult to know how many get recycled versus end up in a landfill.  is offering a new solution with display system they’ve introduced. Give It Back is a family of racks and freestanding product display fixtures Coke developed to be 100% recyclable. And rather than rely on retailers to make sure they displays get reused or recycled, Coke will manage the recovery which they say is an industry first.

The first display piece they are showing off is a corrugated cardboard floor display. Immediately noticeable is the amount of raw cardboard left visible. Coke left much of the cardboard exposed to emphasize recyclable design of the racks. Only selected areas get printed color graphics. Other fixtures yet to be introduced will be made of recycled PET plastic bottles.

Coke’s aim is to become more sustainable by keeping more of what they product from going to the trash. Currently they divert 90 percent of waste from their primary US manufacturing facilities. They hope that the new recyclable store fixtures not only create a more closed loop within the company but also remind customers to recycle the packaging from Coke products they’ve purchased.


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