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dua by Raffael Stüken (Germany) Designed by a team of young industrial designers, the “dua” line of furniture is marked by high functionality and clean approach – mirrored nicely in their branding! [Project Link] GIZIA SCARVES by Tayfun CETINKAYA (Istanbul, Turkey) Unexpectedly, a colorful, busy backdrop here complements the already heavily patterned “Gizia Scarves.” A unique approach that payed off. [Project Link] Corporate & Brand Identity ABLAZE London by Mauro De Donatis (Rome, Italy) A case of a well-chosen inspiration piece transformed into something totally rad: here’s the identity for the skeletal-themed “ABLAZE” club. [Project Link] 2011 by Raphael Vicenzi (Brussels, Belgium) Like a found diary, these pieces make us want to hunker down and inspect each layered detail and scrawl, searching for clues into the artist’s mind. [Project Link] Sora Electric Motorcyle by The Creative Unit (Quebec, Canda) Meet the new generation of electric motorcycle: Part custom, part sport bike, combined in one supermachine, here’s the Sora Electric Motorcycle. [Project Link]

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