Dan Gould On The New

Dan Gould On The New

PSFK Managing Editor Dan Gould shares some of the thinking behind the site's recent changes and new features.

Stephanie Pottinger
  • 15 april 2011

Recently, we rolled out the new, which includes vast user experience improvements for our various audiences, along with new, more comprehensive content and easy-to-find gateways to our services. To provide insight on the thinking behind the new site, we’ll be sharing Q&As with some folks at PSFK who had a hand in the redesign. Below, PSFK Managing Editor Dan Gould shares some of the thinking behind the site’s recent changes and new features:

Tell us a bit about your background and your role at PSFK:

I’m the managing editor ,which means I oversee PSFK on a daily basis. This entails everything from researching post ideas, assigning stories to writers, editing, writing—myself—and curating and arranging things nicely so that the site has a good flow and mix of information. I’ve been here a little over 3 years, starting out as a writer—cranking out 6-10 posts a day. The stars aligned, and a vacancy opened up for the editor position…

What is the most essential feature of the new design?

To me, the breaking news stream is the most important addition, though we are still tweaking it and making sure that it doesn’t overwhelm readers with information. Before adding the headline stream, we were always ending up with more data points at the end of the day, and were looking for a way to get these out amongst our main posts.

What ideas drive the new design?

We were looking to do a number of things. Number one was to speed up the site, as the old build and server were painfully slow (thanks to everyone who stuck with us anyway). Number two was to clean up the navigation and user interface. Number three was to bring to light more of the great content. Many times new readers would come in and not have a good sense of who we were and where to access related content.

How does the redesign enhance the way content is delivered to the site’s visitors?

We’re able to feature more content on the main page and give readers additional paths into the information. There are over 23,000 posts, many of them connect up with newer items and make up a whole picture or story that can provide deeper insights, provide history or outline what’s coming next.

What was the biggest challenge to providing content that the redesign solves?

Right now, the biggest issues are how to A) share the massive amount of data we come across during our daily research and B) share it in a way that integrates easily with readers’ RSS, Facebook, Twitter etc. We could easily publish almost double the amount of posts that we’ve traditionally done, but need to bear the question in mind: how do we not come across as spammers?

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