Denham's launch captures a few key trends we've been monitoring in the apparel world.

We were recently introduced to Denham the Jeanmaker, a ‘fully bespoke denim service' by Denham. Denham the Jeanmaker represents the brand's unique take on the in-store atelier concept. The company's focus on denim craftsmanship and quality, a respect for tradition and a desire to destroy convention for convention's sake came together in realizing their ‘contemporary vision on bespoke tailoring'.

Denham the Jeanmaker comes at a perfect time for the increasingly digital fashion world, given the desire for more unique, quality  and personalized apparel we've been tracking. We also particularly liked the approach they've taken on their site, which is visually presented like a series of cards drawn and laid out across the site. Each card reveals a story representing a facet of Denham´s vision, and are categorized by collection, garment library, studio & stores, to press reports & the birth of the Cutter´s Council. According to Denham;

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